Business Cards

Business cards: the essential business tool

Business cards are arguably the most used business tool. We all get them and also should give them, it is an easy and affordable way to promote your business. However, it is important that your business cards shine through and represent your business image in a positive way.

Is the design of your business cards looking right?

With the latest advances in the printing industry, the prices for business cards has come down considerably, and will be the same whether you have a great design or a poor one. It is  important that you spend time getting the design right. Look around, check other peoples cards and think if you want the card to communicate only your contact details r to be more than that, helping you to tell something about what you do.

Fancy or classic?

There are a number of things that can be done to grab the attention and give your cards that extra WOW! factor. Having the cards with a different shape is one option, and will certainly make your cards memorable. Another option is to have embossing or gold and silver foil.

Top business cards tips

  1. The right or wrong paper can make or break a business card. Make sure you choose quality, it shows to your customers and prospective clients that you care.
  2. Your company name and logo should take a prominent position on the card.
  3. Let people know what you do. Sometimes your company name is not enough to communicate your services or products. Use a short list of your products or a bullet point with your services, the reverse of the card is great for that, and the price difference for double sided business cards is small.
  4. Less is more. Put all the relevant information, but don’t overcrowd. Make sure the elements can breathe. There’s no need to label contact details (phone, email, website).
  5. Use the colours and typefaces that are part of your brand. Your cards have to remain consistent with all the other marketing materials (leaflets, website, flyers, etc.).