We began working with Sane Design in 2010 during the opening of our new store in York, in fact we were located just along the road from their offices and it was great being able to meet face to face as often as we have over the years. Many of our suppliers are just on the end of the phone or a distant email contact, while Bruno & Andy are so much more.

Sane Design completely redesigned our brand in 2010 and provided me with brand guidelines that have been carried through all of our print and digital media ever since. They also completely rebooted our eCommerce platform, a not inconsiderable job considering our own lack of relevant know how! I have always been able to drop in or phone up with stupid questions and get a straight forward and patient answer.

Sane Design are my first phone call on all our creative work and always make time to help us out when we are up against it for a deadline. Always professional and practical we have greatly benefited from their creativity and open mindedness.